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that is it for us. thank you for watching. have a great weekend. happy mother's day, special report is next. welcome to "red eye." it is like "dude where's my car" if by car you mean mask made of human skin. andy levy has our pre game report. what is coming up, old sport? >> thanks, greg. our top story tonight, what is the deal with the world's first 3-d printed gun. it is real and spectacular. and in a commencement address at ohio state president obama encourages people to fight the system. no, he tells them to trust the government. and chris christie kills a spider in front of a group of fourth grader. not sure what the story s. -- the story is. i'm sure rhinos crush spiders all the time. >> thank you, andy. >> sure. >> go away. she is so british her
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apartment has a mote. i am here with immogen lloyd webber. that was an interesting hand waiver. and her latest book is called "the twitter diaries" buy it. and if insightful parody was pairs he would be in a jar and stored in a seller. he is "maxim magazine" editor and chief. who is that? >> that is ashley tisdale. >> i didn't ask you. >> and my repulsive sidekick, bill schulz. hopeful leahy will not drool today. and he is so cool even his leather jacket owns a leather jacket. nick gillespie, editor and chief of tv and >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. remember when i said i would kill you last, greg? i lied. >> shut up. i am a little angry before we start this whole thing. if you want to look at this,
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nice shot. this is a glass of water. some [bleep] keeps stealing our glasses. we have been on the air at fox news now for six years. nobody steals kavudo's glasses and nobody steals "the five" glasses, but they steal" red eye" glasses because they think they can and nobody cares about "red eye." so they take our glasses. i know who you are because i put in a hidden camera. i didn't. but they might think i did. i know who is doing this. i know who you are. you are a sad person. i am going to find you. i am going to hunt you down and kill you or perhaps date you. all right. it is an invention that will blow you away. a texas company has produced the world's first gun from a 3-d printer, and they put the blue prints of this plastic weapon on-line. wherever that is, dan. the liberator as it is
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called -- sounds like a vibrator -- fires real bullets and anyone can build one in their basement. does the weapon work? the founder demonstrated in a video posted on monday. ♪ >> that was what you showed us? i thought you were going to show us how the gun is made. who is producing this show? on sunday new york senator chuck schumer expressed reservations about principal pistols. >> we are facing a situation where anyone felt a terrorist can open a gun factory in
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their garage and the weapons they make will be undetectable. its stomp pack is churning. it is stomach churning. >> it is stomach churning. it is as serious about guns as this corgi is about spoons. >> oh corgi. you must know spoons don't kill, corgis. only corgis kill corgis. welcome to the show. glad you are dressed in black. people are both freaked out by this technology because you are making guns and also awed by it. where do you come down on it? i think it is impressive and amazing. >> i think it is incredible. it is going to be great when terrorists go out of their garage like chuck schumer said
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have i to get the toner cartridge. the handle is not coming out. you know what is great is obama actually talked about 3-d printing as a great, liberating jetson-style future and all of that in the state of the union address. this is what happened. >> exactly. >> it is awesome and great, and the hysteria -- you know chuck schumer the last time we saw him he was wetting his pants over 4loco and all of the things that will help the western civilization. now guns have become more widespread than ever. the violent crime rate has dropped and even the violent crime rate with firearms has dropped from 2.4 per 1,000 people to 1.4. william burrows the grue -- the great beat writer said an armed society is a polite society. bring on the 3-d guns. it will make us safer still. >> i wouldn't bring william burrows into the story. he did shoot his wife in the
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head. >> what? i guess maybe she wasn't polite. >> are you terrible. actually he shot her because he was doing a -- he was trying to shoot a -- >> that's the story. >> he is a jerk anyway. if this 3-d printer was like churning out hot, robot women no one would care. >> i think they would care a lot, actually. >> i think your people would. by that i mean lonely perverts. the problem is with 3-d printers you cannot control what is made because you can make anything. how do you feel about this, if you have any feelings at all. >> the technology as you said is so amazing, but what is it about people? like immediately you take this technology and you build a weapon or pornography out of it. it is like nothing nice that can happen. you can't make a plastic puppy that sneezes. >> he cares about that. you have real puppies.
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>> i think creating 3-d puppies would be great. they that longer wet the floor or poop. they are adorable. immogen you love guns of all shapes and size. would you be making your own liberator? >> call me short-termist, but these printers cost like $8,000, and these guns to me seem complicated. they are like 16 parts. i am a bit more scared by the scary guy who can go on-line without a background check and buy a gun that definitely works by a proper manufacturer. so i am not too freaked out by these guns yet. my fear is elsewhere right now. >> i think that is a good point you are making. by the way, i am looking forward to getting the first 3-d printer that makes 3-d printers. and then you know what will happen? >> i think my mind just exploded there. >> all over my mink coat. >> that video looked like a north korea video. >> poorly made.
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>> can i get those guys to do my kid's bar mitzvah? >> some day soon i may just printout a new one of you every day so i can drowned the original in its own spit. >> why don't you just let me have the day off instead, and then it is win-win. i get to watch tv. you build us something stupid. america wins. my only thought when i saw this was this is something we need. no longer must we be able to sneak through the plastic guns into the arena. we will wait to get in and then print one out. you don't even need security anymore. of course this guy's name is cody. it had to be cody. no steve would make something like this. certainly no chad. it is an all-american name like cody. >> you are so correct. the thing is, this is the beginning. this is gigger than the internet. -- this is bigger than the internet. they make sandwiches and medications and alcohol in your house. you just punch in the
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ingredient and poof. >> by the way you can do all of those things already. you go to immogen's point and you can order those on-line. >> i cannot believe i just said it is going to be able to make sandwiches. >> one day we will have ice makers in the refrigerator. >> i am in awe like, oh, a sandwich. >> i am actually a more ron. >> a toast thing that makes actual toast? >> to gowns uncle sam is in a sham. that's the headline from president obama's commencement speech at ohio state university. speaking on sunday to graduates he suggested they are not to bad to it. >> you grew up hearing voices that incessantly warn that government is nothing more than a separate sinister entity at the root of all of
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our problems. you should reject these voices. what they suggest that our brave and creative and unique experiment in self-rule is a sham. with which we can't be trusted. >> quote, our democracy isn't working as well as we know it can. and then later he offered a dare. >> look at all america has already accomplished. look how big we have been. i dare you, class of 2013, to do better. i dare you to dream bigger. >> well i dare you something. all right, speaking of dreaming bigger this dog chasing the impossible stick.
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>> what is wrong with you, bill? bill is having convulsions. >> that's amaze. he made his own fun. >> you know what you saw in him? you saw you because he was turtling it of the he is not wearing any pants just like you. >> all of that would have been fine, but he had to make the noise just to get it better. >> it was the cameraman making the noise. if you were filming it you would definitely be making that noise. >> let's try to get back to whatever story we were doing. i think it was about obama. immogen, don't you think a young barack obama would have responded to his message perhaps the message being trust government differently? wasn't it about speaking truth to power? >> first of all what was obama doing in ohio? there is not an election. i thought they went to a higher when there was an election. this wasn't an inspiring
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commencement speech. i know oprah will get give a great one at harvard and looking forward to that. this is no steve jobs in 2005. this is not talking about how the students are all done. this is just a bit. >> you know what, it is. that's a great point. it wasn't that he said the fact he was saying reject the voices of cynicism. he was saying dare to dream. i'm sorry, nick. when anybody tells me to dream i know they are full of crap. dreams are bad. >> out of those 10,000 people sitting there fully 10,000 of them were not listening. the thing my older son actually goes to ohio state. he just completed his freshman year and did quite well. they have a terrible taste in commencement speakers, but the thing that made people think of government as separate and sin sinister, you know, just in the 21st century alone, two wars, a stupid health care program and obama who is like
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he used to be the heavy guy in the gang smoking pot. he still has not said what he will do about legal pot in colorado and washington state. she such an idiot and has done more to discredit government and so did george w. bush before him. anything that rush limbaugh or roger ale or the brothers could have put together could have done. >> interesting. you were asked to speak at the happy homeless college by the overpass. did you ever accept? >> there was a hopeful name for a very sad area. >> they offered to pay you in squirrel feces. >> i only heard squirrel and i said you can't eat this. turns out you can. i think they are depressed because he knows the amount of security there he can't do what every other commencement person does. you mentioned aaron sorgin. there is an old saying on college campuses if you are aaron sorkin, afterwards you
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#r* porkin. that means you are going with the co-eds after the party and obama can't do that. >> you speak to young americans through your magazine called i think maximum? what would you say if you had a commencement? what are the things you would like to hear or tell young people? >> we are all gonna get laid! no, i was at my commencement speech and it was delivered by neil diamond. >> really? >> i went to nyu. he did a rendition of "luis luis" but he sang nyu-ie, you gotta go now. it was amazing. there was a lot of parents going wow. >> that's like a $100,000 song. >> that's a great story to tell. i thought it might be a great story to tell, but it actually went over pretty badly. >> maybe if you had somebody that knew how to tell it.
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>> somebody who had a >> greg, who spoke at your commencement? >> i didn't go to mine. i was hung over and missed it. i can't remember at all. although my high school graduation neil young showed up. his brother-in-law was in my class. >> his brother-in-law? >> see that's how you tell a story. >> did he perform? >> no, he didn't. well he did perform surgery. >> oh my god. >> from socialists to psychosis and seeking friends on-line make you lose your mind? facebook and other sites can make people go batty in the brain. scientists in tel aviv have linked eye cot particular -- psychotic episodes with those in intense relationships. their moods were worse the more they socialized on-line. in each case the connection was found between the exsac because including dilutions,
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anxiety, confusion and intensive use of computer communications. one even huh louse nateed that the person beyond the screen was physically touching her. we are all looking for a connection. one like this. >> it that like "one flew over the coo-coo's nest or something? >> facebook creates a break from reality from their patients. why is that so bad? what is wrong with a break from reality? >> i have to say as someone who follows greg gutfeld on twitter, it is one of my singular delights. when you are not seeing eye to eye with somebody, just exchanging police centuries from them, do you ever feel a
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psychotic break in your brain while you are typing or is that just -- >> do you have any examples? >> jesus, too many to name. >> it is not a good thing. i admit, it is not a good thing. you know what it reminds me of? it reminds me of how people's personalities change when they are driving. you can yell at somebody outside a window who you never would yell at before. it is exactly what happens on-line i think. >> exactly. i hate face stalk. >> it is facebook. >> it is face stalk. you stalk your ex's on-line. here is what i figured out. it used to freak me out. all of my friends from university with their white picket houses and the children. the ones with the most picture perfect lives are those that will end up divorced because they are living their life in the virtual world and not real
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life. >> is this to comfort yourself? >> there are no friend or husband or children. >> why does it have to be white? >> i thought we were getting married? >> do i have to say why does it have to be white? i don't see colored fences. >> i have a really quick one. isn't it obvious that social media would come down on people's insecurities? that's why it was created to begin with. >> first we have to go back to this study has three people in it. two were probably the lead research every -- researcher sock puppetting himself. >> bill, is the reason you are not on facebook because of this finding or because your dealer is on linked in? >> my dealer is on linked in? it would eliminate so much of the middle man. one day we can digitally print our dealer. why didn't i just do the drug? >> if there was only a way for you to actually make
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methamphetamine in your trailer. >> well i have a bathtub and a whole lot of moxy. what else do i need? probably things you can find. >> we have to take a break. coming up, does the average guy ever have a chance with hot women in media? immogen lloyd webber discusses her new book get out of face you homely sack. what does lyndsay lohan think of
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>> it is not the same as those who maim. it is not fair to compare him to the boston marathon bombers. speaking at kent state over the weekend he said because nobody died in the underground
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bombings he and his fellow [bleep] heads could not be clumped together with the problem -- with the [bleep] heads. there is no equivalence. property damage. of course this convene yen leant over looks the fact his lover and twro others -- two others were killed when the bombs went off. bombs they planned to set off at a dance at an army base. i would rather focus on something else. a situation underway at andy levy's apartment. >> one of us is going over there. th is getting really, really scary. >> i feel we should call child
12:24 am
services because those are his kids. >> they are hairy children. >> nick, basically his justification for not being compared to the boston bombers is they were actually good. they succeeded in killing americans and they were not good. they just killed themselves amoung other people. >> i think that is about right. i don't understand it. bill ayers, i never understood the romance around the underground. they were good kids and just driven insane by the vietnam war. that's bs. they were rotten people who sliped the noose and not necessarily being executed for being idiots, but they have never taken responsibility for wanting to blow people up. >> they went after fort dix and tried to kill people and they should be dead. you wouldn't be talking to bill ayrs because he would be dead for 30 years now. doesn't he know people can google him and find out all of
12:25 am
the horrible things he did. he does a speech where he says we never killed anybody. yes, you did. >> there is a lot on the internet i wish i could erase about myself. >> this is true. i feel like his point was they were combating violence by planting these bombs. isn't that like a fly in your shardonnay or rain on your wedding day? >> it could be. >> isn't it ironic, bill? >> bill wasn't even listening to you. >> i was having ear issues. mostly because alannis makes my ear -- >> i thought you were going to say fighting violence with bombing is like fighting psoriasis with scratching. >> is that where that was written down? >> immogen what do you make of this? >> i had a near miss with an irs bomb. they said there was a point, but a bomb is a bomb.
12:26 am
terrorism is terrorism. boston d they were upset about wars wars in afghanistan and the first guys were upset about a war in vietnam. it is terrorism. you make a bomb. >> bill makes a bomb eve morning. every morning. didn't you go to the same high school? >> yes. i am proud to be a notable alumni of lake forest academy right there with bill ayers. that's why i have excused myself from this conversation. and why are we talking about this failed radical? i feel he only gets publicity because right wing media wants to give him publicity. >> he was invited to guest speak at a commemoration of kent state where four people were killed for no good reason. >> i don't know why they invited him either. i am not going to give them credit for that. but he wouldn't have been in the radar if we wouldn't all
12:27 am
just keep pointing to bill ayers, bill ayers. >> one of the great ironies of bill ayers career he stunk at blowing up things. he released a memwior and had a story. on september 11th 2001, the opening line was you know i wish we had planted more bombs. >> i remember that. >> we didn't do more. he is like the oscar schindler of terrorists. we could have done more wrist watches and bombs. >> no matter how many bombers there are, only robert redford makes a movie about the whether underground. e-mail us at red eye at fox do you have a video of your animal doing something odd? and andy don't send more cat videos. go to red eye at fox and click on video. we may use it. still to come, the half time report from whatever, andy levy. >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by helium.
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the second lightest chemical element used to fill balloons. thanks, helium. if you're suffering from constipation, miralax or metamucil may take days to work. or faster relief, try dulcolax laxative tablets. dulcolax provides gentle relief overnight unlike miralax and metamucil that can take up to 3 days. for predictable relief try dulcolax.
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let's find out if -- >> tell them i want them off the curtains now. i don't care. get them off the curtains.
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>> sorry, greg. >> everything okay at home? >> everything is fine. they don't listen, greg. >> maybe it is because you indulge them. >> sorry guy with no kids of his own. like you know? >> i told you to stop at two. >> did somebody really steal our cups again? >> yes. this has got to be the 6th or 7th time our cups were stolen. >> it is time to draw a red line. >> yes, it is time. what does that mean? >> 3-d guns, nick you said it would be great when terrorists have to go to wal-mart to get a toner cartridge. 3-d printers don't use toner. >> okay. i am waiting for the ink jet. i can't afford it. >> such a ripoff. >> dan, when you satisfied a new technology comes out it is used for weapons or porn.
12:33 am
first of all, god bless america. second of all, you make a good point, sex toy makers cannot be happy about this technology. >> people will be shooting themselves in the -- i don't know. >> the 3-d printer will make things obsolete. >> hasn't the produce aisle done that? >> forget liberator. print me an an accommodator. if you don't know what it is, google it and you will affix it to your chin. >> nick, soon you can make produce at home. >> what has happened to this show? we can't even do a serious topic. >> immogen, you said at the moment these printers are expensive or whatever. which is true, but obviously the prices will continue to fall and eventually it will be -- the average consumer can buy these. >> i did admit i was short-termish. >> unless if they are made by apple they will stay the same
12:34 am
price every year. >>- q. i there is that. -- >> there is that. i am agreeing with you. >> greg, you said soon you can use them to make sandwiches and nick said you can do that at home. in your defense you were referring to a star trek-like food and it takes base ingredients and makes you what you want. >> the first step will be a pizza printer. you will have tar trigs of tomato taus and -- tomato sauce and a cartridge of pastrami. you can just keep changing the cartridges and keep printing out pizzas. >> will you have avoided the noise? >> or you can just take one out of your freezer and put it in the oven i guess. >> but you have a printer to do it. >> it has to be able to do what ever you want. >> exactly.
12:35 am
>> call me when you can fax a pizza. >> you wouldn't need it if you have your own printer. >> and it would be messy, double jerk. >> i fell right into that. >> you did. you are the meat in a jerk sandwich. >> here is kobe wilson from the defense distributed explaining what this is really all about. he said, quote, what this project is all about, [bleep] your laws. it is stepping up and going i don't like this legal regime. it is time to step outside of it . you know? >> going baying to what bill said -- going back to what bill said, that's a cody. every cody speaks in his own language. >> you asked what he said in ohio. true, but mid-terms are next year. also they gave him a doctorat which in my day used to be called a bribe.
12:36 am
>> nick, you said your oldest son goes to ohio state? >> no. he was a freshman. >> i am so sorry. >> that's why you make more than one. if you have a 3-d printer. >> you can make as many freshmen as you want. >> a little cody gillespie. don't ask if you feel psychotic when you talk to twitter. dana perino's pictures make me feel psychotic. >> she is the son of sam on twitter. >> exactly. >> she doesn't need a 3-d printer. >> no, she doesn't. some of those pictures are 3-d
12:37 am
enough. >> they are at least 1-d. >> whether underground can't be compared to the boston marathon bombers. immogen you said a bomb is a bomb and terrorism is terrorism. and airstrikes skirt around this. he said we were against the vietnam war, but the boston guys were nialists. that's not true. they had an ideology the way he had behind him. >> fundamentally, a bomb is a bomb and terrorism is terrorism. >> i think this is -- you know what this is? he is a grumpy old terrorist. >> and they are normally not alive, are they? >> back in my day we were protesting the vietnam war. and now these kids. >> what do they know? >> 3-d printers and wearing hats backwards.
12:38 am
>> the reason right wingers are bringing up bill ayers is the roman tau sizing of him like your hollywood pal robert redford. >> robert redford was not playing bill aye rz. it was an amalgam of people who like ayers. that is in the minority. the other side of the media does not promote this dude. >> it is not the media, but the fact that bill ayers can go from straight up terrorists to getting -- >> tenured positions. >> tenured positions at colleges as if they never did anything bad. >> guess what else. you wouldn't see a terrorist become so close to a commander-in-chief if it were a republican now would you? you can't spell obama without bomb. >> or bill. >> yes you can. >> by the way, i forgot to ask for this and we can't put up that picture again.
12:39 am
he has earrings. >> he has two earrings. >> he has an earring each ear and he is a grown man with earrings in his ears. >> he is a pirate. >> he is a pirate. >> i mean, come on. >> actually that looks like an opt of mine. aunt helga. >> how dare you smear your aunt. >> you smear your aunt? >> i am done. we will move on. what clothes never go out of style? he discusses his new book, i am wearing a leather jacket under my leather jacket. it is the nick gillespie story by nick gillespie. and why is peta upset about chris christie?
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12:42 am
is he a thug for killing a bug? peta is upset at chris christie for squashing a spider in front of a group of
12:43 am
fourth graders. the new jersey governor's office captured it on camera. >> we are are in -- >> any bugs you can kill them and not get in trouble. >> that's why he is protest penalty. he likes to kill things and it makes me sick to my stomach he took so much glee in killing the harmless spider. what was peta's take on the nonevent? said the group's president, quote, he probably did it without thinking. oh i think he did. some people put the spider outside, but spiders are often scary to people and it can prevent them from pondering their worth. so true. let's scaws this in -- >> lightning
12:44 am
rooooouuuunnndddd. lightning round. >> peta called out president obama for killing a fly in 2009. so at least they are fair in their stupidity. >> they are not mammal centric. their primary function is to remind you of why you stop talking to people the minute you learn they are vegans. >> dan, from a publicity standpoint does calling out people like this help or hurt their cause? >> i would say it hurts their cause. in the end what is the difference if the spider or bill lives or dies? we are all surprised that chris christie wouldn't eat it. >> thanks for pointing that out. i am more interested in what you said about bill being no more rnt poo than a spider. >> just imagine being able to topoop.
12:45 am
p. >> with my power would come from responsibility. >> i don't know, immogen. you once tossed a bag of turtles off the london bridge. >> i did. that was me. >> did peta know about that and did they leaf -- leave you alone? >> well, they do now. when something horrible happens to me, peta is involved. prince harry is visiting and it will be about harry and christy in vegas or something. >> i hope they get naked. >> shirtless? >> bill you are the housefly of fox news. do you think peta would send a letter if somebody dropped a copy machine on your head? >> clearly you were not listening. i am the spider of fox news which sounds awesome. and secondly, i don't care christie killed a bug with his hand. if you watch the video he doses that and then -- he does that and then sticks it in his
12:46 am
pocket. what else is in there? >> he comes home from work and you know how your dad used to put change on the dresser? he pulls out thousands of dead spiders and he goes like this. mrs. christie is going why are you doing that? i don't know. i have thousands of spiders in my pocket, and i can't stop. >> we all have our cross to bare. here is my thing, nick, what about bacteria? what about viruses? we have viruses in our bodies that are -- that we try to kill with antibiotics. also anti-viral medications. isn't that evil and wrong if you go to the next step from spiders and insects wouldn't it make sense that you should not go after like living
12:47 am
organisms 1234*. >> who told them about the claw midyaw story? we were supposed to say it in the green room. thank you. no comment. >> i thought i was making a good point. seriously that's where it would end up jie. where does biewdism stop though? there is a bit of a buddhist philosophy. you will be rein car nateed as bird. >> they didn't know about bacteria at the time. >> speeders kill other bugs. if he didn't kill that spider he saved the life of a fly. >> it is the circle of life. >> it really is. thank you, chris cities chee. chris christie. >> that was interesting -- no it wasn't. when we come back we will probably talk about shg. about something. if you have a computer and you haven't purchased my book "joy of hate" very simple. go to and i look bad on that cover. autographed copy g gutfeld as
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ordered rehab stint lyndsay lohan says she does president
12:52 am
have a -- she doesn't have a drug problem and should help kids overseas. god help those children. they have enough problems. you have these kids in a third world country and you will send that? anyway. in an interview with the talking bobblehead called piers morgan lilo said people over estimate her cocaine use. oh it is over estimated. at least there is someplace to start. she prefers ecstasy. can't argue there. and rehab is pointless, saying there are other things i could do that would benefit more. the best thing they would do for me is to make me go abroad to different countries and work with children. and the clubs are more fun there. i don't know, dan. why not let her work with kids? if they see how messed up she is they will stay away with drugs. it is like the scared straight. >> i like how she wants to work with kids that she is
12:53 am
trying to make them force her to do it. >> i would be happy to if somebody force meze to do it. >> nick -- >> she did say by the way that it would be good for her. she didn't even think of the children. >> i love her. doesn't she have a point? if it didn't work before why keep going? >> i don't know, amy wine house. i have tom to think because i am a drug legalizer, drugs should be legal, even bill. i think she is an agents provacator. she is the single greatest argument against legalized drugs. >> that's true. she makes it worse for all of the responsibility -- responsible people who say shut up. >> oh please. she only did dinner off the mirror four or five times. the one thing i have to say when i was looking at the
12:54 am
story i did research the story, her mug shots are incredible. a lot better than america's former sweetheart reece witherspoon. they are unbelievable. at least she has something right. >> she is considered a train wreck until we get to you and then she is okay. >> it is more like a train ride. call me, ladies. first of all, let's not be shallow about how she looked in the pictures. she also has a great rack. you have to remember that. secondly, lyndsay lohan says when it comes to court ordered punishments, they don't take requests. if they did the children in africa thing would be great. >> they forced mooy to eat pudding every day -- forced me to eat pudding every day, i would. >> this is an amazing fact. she is 26, and yet i feel like she has aged like elizabeth taylor. when you were a kid you would
12:55 am
hear about elizabeth taler and richard burton fighting all the time. she died at 80. lyndsay lohan was only 6. i left in 2004 and she was sitting with me on that table in twiewr -- in 2004. i thought she was in her 20s. i do the math and she wasn't even 17 when she was sitting there. >> so your company lets an underage girl like that in there? >> the upside is that company does president exist anymore. there is no way. we burned that place to the ground. we will close things up with andy levy. go to fox eye.
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back to andy levy with the post game wrap up. >> i hear are you celebrating a birthday. >> yes, reason magazine, and reason tv, we are in our 45th year. we are 45 years young and celebrating with a massive special quadruple issue for august and september. >> excellent. immogen will you be on tonight? >> yes, i will be disagreeing on kavuto later today. >> dan, what is the latest with the maxim hot 100, mily -- mily cyrus? >> that is not confirmed. you need to go to every day where we reveal the list. and on thursday you find out who is number one. >> you better be lying. >> mily cyrus? yes. viewers remind me by e-mailing me to ban the phrase so and so
1:00 am
years young. >> who is so and so? >> i am 45 years old. i am 45 years young. i have to ban that. >> i am 37 years factor. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> i have obtained 12 different versions of those talking points that shows that they were dramatically edited by the administration. >> abc news now reporting that the white house tried to hide the facts about benghazi. in fact, cia information was altered. we will talk with the abc news reporter who broke the story. >> is the president claims that it was appropriate to keep that information away. >> the language of that email is pretty clear. that is not a stylistic -- that ♪ saying gel adjustment. that is a major, dramatic change. >> information. >> as the benghazi story heats up, the white house is under fire. we'll show you what happened in the press conference today. >> hey

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